Aluminum Fence Materials

Aluminum Fence Materials

Residential Aluminum Fencing Product Line:

We offer Discount pricing as a benefit from our bulk purchasing discounts we receive from our suppliers. Our Residential Aluminum Fence product is fabricated with 6061 series aluminum alloy material which is a rust-free product and carries a Limited Lifetime Warranty against rust, chipping, peeling etc. Our residential aluminum fence is perfect for installations around pools (wet areas) as well as in the general neighborhood yards. Our products are coated using powder coating for superior durability that ensures a lasting maintenance-free finish. Our screws are hardened Aluminum Screws with colored heads. We have 7 styles to choose from, which most have at least one height that meets B.O.C.A. Pool Code regulations.

Residential Aluminum Fencing Offered in 7 Styles

B.O.C.A. Pool Code Fencing Offered

Residential Aluminum Single Gates in Straight Top and Arched Top Styles Offered in Several Heights & Widths

Residential Aluminum Double Gates in Rainbow Top and Estate Top Styles Offered in Several Heights & Widths

Trex Fence Materials

Trex Horizons Fence

As a composite fence Trex is often compared to vinyl but honestly vinyl is no match for Trex overall. There are 5 main reasons Trex is better than vinyl.

Trex is Stronger with its interlocking design

Trex is a composite material made of both wood and plastic. Our special formula takes the strength of wood and pairs it with the durability of plastic. Trex is also more solid than vinyl. Our posts are 4 times thicker than vinyl posts, which means they don’t need to be sleeved over metal or wood fence posts for added strength. And we have solid fence pickets, where vinyl panels are hollow. Trex Fencing materials only weigh slightly more than their vinyl counterparts, making them just as easy to install, but its resilience means you’ll only ever have to install it once.

Trex Fence will last Longer

Trex has a 25-year warranty, which is longer than most people will live in their homes. Imagine installing a fence that never needs repairs or replacing, a fence that never breaks and always looks good. Trex won’t break or fade, making repairs and maintenance unnecessary. Sure vinyl has a lifetime warranty, but it’s still going to crack, break, chip, or yellow, you’ll have to make time to fix it. That’s something you’ll never have to worry about with Trex.

Trex overall looks better and more appealing

Trex has a natural appearance similar to wood. While vinyl fences do come in more colors than white, they have a glossy coating that makes them look shiny. Trex comes in 3 natural matte colors: Woodland Brown, Saddle, and Winchester Grey. During the manufacturing process, Trex Fence materials are over-pigmented, so when weathering does occur, the color still looks good. Vinyl fences turn yellow, crack, chip and peel.

Trex is better for the environment

Trex Fencing is made up of 95% recycled materials and contains no hazardous chemicals. Even Trex’s manufacturing process is green with the elimination of smoke stacks and reduced CO2 emissions. Vinyl fencing manufacturers new PVC, a controversial material that is not eco-friendly. And vinyl uses chlorine, a chemical that can be hazardous to people and the environment. If you are focused on having a responsible, eco-friendly building, don’t mar your landscape by using vinyl. Trex Fencing even qualifies for LEED points through the U.S. Green Building Council.

Trex Withstands the Elements

Because Trex is the stronger, better-built product, this also means that it does better in even the most extreme weather conditions. When you build an outdoor fence, you expect it to handle the outdoor weather. Vinyl fence reacts badly to cold weather, becoming very brittle and breakable, while also expanding in hot weather. Because of the changes it makes in extreme temperatures, the panels can warp and will need to be replaced if you still want a fence that is private and secure. Trex does not warp and the special interlocking design of the pickets will ensure that your fence is always private. Trex has even been tested to withstand hurricane force winds. Often, in wind, vinyl pickets will simply pop out and fly around the yard while the post will buckle and snap in half. Vinyl’s lightweight and flimsy design is better used as a kite than a fence in windy areas, Trex will withstand 110 MPH winds..